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7 Good Reasons To Switch To Using An Electronic Cigarette

by elynieva

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Smoking regular cigarettes has been found detrimental towards health and there are enormous reasons why people should quit smoking and shift to a healthier lifestyle. But quitting an addiction is never easy, and various products like electronic cigarette, nicotine gums, nicotine patches, etc. have been introduced to reduce the death toll that is caused due to the ill-effects of smoking. Most of the organs get damaged when the regular cigarettes are burned and inhaled. Most of the times the respiratory organs as well as cardiac functioning gets highly affected, and there are many more reasons why individuals should quit smoking,


1st reason : Regular tobacco cigarette is detrimental towards health, and the main reason is it is a mix of many harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, nicotine, etc. that are responsible for increasing the heart rate and also the blood pressure levels. This will strain the blood vessels and can cause cardiac issues, which might also lead to death.


2nd reason : When you inhale the smoke produced from a regular cigarette, you will inhale tar which can be leading cause of lung cancer.


3rd reason : Carbon monoxide inhaled with the usage of regular smoking can cause decline in the health of muscle growth and brain as well as body tissues cannot be facilitated with the oxygen. The organs, because of lack of oxygen, need to give extra efforts to function normally, which can lead to their long-term damage.


4th reason : Studies have shown that smokers are more prone to getting a stroke than non-smokers. Thus when a tobacco smoke is taken on a regular basis for prolonged durations, it increases the chances of being prone to strokes.


5th reason : Blood vessels get blocked because smoking tobacco promotes deposit of fats in them. This is the main reason behind heart attacks.


6th reason : Most of the smokers die because of cardiac related issues and it has been even proved in studies that one among every five smokers dies of a heart related disease.


7th reason : Smoking might harm you and your body, but without even inhaling a cigarette the people living in your surroundings, be it your family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers get badly affected when they inhale the air present in the environment where you are smoking.


These are the seven harmful effects of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. It might not be easier to quit smoking immediately because the body would reply in a very unpleasant way to this change. To make quitting easier, companies like Nicolites have been manufacturing and selling electronic cigarette kits and related accessories that assist a smoker in quitting the addiction.

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