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Lanyards are straps or cords that are use to hold identification badges and are commonly worn around your neck. Other items that can be held using Lanyards include small objects as well as whistles. In most cases, lanyards are used during business meetings, in schools, at the hospitals, during conventions, at some special events, recreational activities and at reunions. Apart from the above uses, lanyards may also be used for advertising given product or service by simply printing a logo on them. If you need custom lanyards, all you have to do is identify a company that specializes in lanyards and choose a color that suits you after which your log will be printed on it.

Lanyards often have different cords that include nylon, cotton or even polyester twill. Thus, their prices tend to vary with the cheapest cords being those that can hardly be printed on because they lack a flat surface. There are different methods that are used in the process of producing personalized lanyards. These are screen printing, hot stamping and dye sublimation. Screen printing is known to produce the high quality results even though dye sublimation is superior owing to the fact that it is able to generate multicolored designs as well as designs that are highly detailed.

Lanyards come with a variety of hardware at the end. One of the most popular hardware is the O-ring that is mostly used for keys and whistles. Other types of hardware that are used include split connectors that can be removed when not needed and snapped back when deemed necessary. The other type of hardware that you are likely to find on lanyards is the swivel snap hook that are popular with badges that come with a hole at the top. Finally, there is the bulldog clip that is usually squeezed to allow serrated jaws open.

Since lanyards are not costly, most companies have taken advantage and purchased them in bulk as promotional items. One of the largest manufacturers of lanyards that is capable of producing bulk lanyards for various clients is The Lanyards Factory. This company offers quality lanyards that will serve your intended purpose perfectly. This is evident in the fact that the company has been able to handle a number of blue chip companies. Some of the products that are distributed by this company include printed lanyards, woven lanyards, stock lanyards, printed pet leads, ID accessories, medical lanyards, duoflex lanyards, eco friendly lanyards and camera straps.

The company also offers excellent opportunities for those who are interested in being resellers of these lanyards. Some of the benefits of being a reseller with this company include access to discounts, free art work services, direct and fast shipping for all your clients, customer support that is friendly and a guide to making your engagement easier. In conclusion, lanyards are not just a good way of displaying name badges but also a great way of marketing your brands albeit in a manner that will stay longer than other conventional advertising methods.

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