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The concept of Cloud Computing has been around since the 70's, but unfortunately due to a lag in infrastructure and technology the realization of true cloud computing has only surfaced in the last five
years. The tentacles of cloud computing reaches out to all industries, and allow some incredible advantages. Gone is the day when it was essential to show up to a nine to five job. Cloud technology allows employee and consumer both to plug into work from any location from home computers or from wireless devices. Industries from mortgage to automotive enjoy SAAS (software as a service) applications that run their entire work load from any place at any time. Additionally these services cut the expense of local database infrastructure, and repeat purchase of software. Moving storage and software to the cloud in now on the steps of every major organization to enjoy. Cloud technology is
truly the wave of the future.

SAAS technologies are the new way that businesses are managing their work flow. SAAS (software as a service) allows for all organizations and industries to move antiquated paper processes to easy
access, easy to use web application. As an example, an insurance company application process may require multiple pages of contracts and forms, in addition to signature areas that need to be filled out in order to accept a new candidate. This process allows for a much faster application process,
elimination of human error or incomplete forms and the most exciting part of the process is the ability to sign documents right online, completing the process in moments not weeks.  SAAS technologies in the future of how businesses can win more deals and benefit from huge cost savings in paper and expensive postage services. SAAS is about being nimble and moving to a better way of using today's current technology.

The advent of technology is here. Its incredible to think of the vast technical improvements that have come about, and benefited us over the last few decades. Computers came into existence and
from that miracle now just about everything we own has some kind of computerized contraption connected to it. The average vehicle has ten to twenty different modules in it. Everything from the engine to audio and air bags are controlled by a computerized device. Its almost hard to imagine what the world would be like without these inventions. Today we hardly go anywhere without the aid of computer at our side. Electronic devices like smart phones and tablets seem to dominate the market and hang on every consumer tongues. SAAS (software as a service) allows these tiny devices to reach out to the World Wide Web and access global databases, so we can do our work anywhere and at any time. The
exciting technological advancements of our day really make you question "what will come tomorrow"?   

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