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Basic Details on Various Printing Methods

by granvillelochrico

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Printing has come far from when it was very first established around the year 1040 in China. This was when the very first movable type system was chronicled; it was additionally made of porcelain. In 1230, Korea constructed the first metal movable type; after which, Johannes Gutenberg developed Europe's movable type printing technology in 1439. Today, there are additional methods that are more flexible, effective and cost-effective. Here are a few:


Also called area printing, Flexography is frequently utilized for printing on packaging products like folding cartons, milk and beverage cartons, envelopes, bonbon wrappers, plastic bags, corrugated containers, wallpaper, present wrapping paper, and others. This printing method makes use of relief plates which permit the inked surface to conform to the shape of the product it's printing on─ this makes Flexography ideal for unequal surfaces.

Digital Label Printing

Even printing has been ushered into the digital age. Whereas non-digitized printing requires hours of setting-up prior to real printing, digital printing just requires moments. It is also the least costly method since it does not utilize a printing plate, which is a tool that carries the image to be printed. Flexography makes use of plates.

Hot Foil Stamping

This process uses a heated die, foil and pressure to imprint an picture onto paper. Colored foil is heated then enabled to thaw onto a box, paper or bag. This results to a glossy and embossed print, which sets it apart from additional printing methods that utilize ink. It's not surprising that even more individuals and businesses choose hot foil stamping for their custom labels because the "shine" it produces is more attractive.

Hot foil stamping is also remarkable for being a dry printing technique, which indicates it does not need any type of ink to be made use of. This, combined with the fact that it does not release any harmful vapor, makes the technique an green alternative to conventional printing. So, if you're looking for an eco sound way to print company cards, invites, identification labels or posters, this would certainly be a good option.

Whatever printing technique you selected, ensure to choose a company that specializes in Flexography, digital label printing, hot oil stamping or the other printing methods you prefer. This way you are ensured to have the finest looking custom labels. Go to to research on other printing techniques.

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