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Protecting Yourself Driving Your Pickup Truck in the Winter

by ellsworthmciltrot

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Trucks mean business. Businesses need trucks to operate and distribute products from state to state. Trucks are heavy-duty vehicles but are they tough enough for winter? Here are a few tips to prep up your pickup truck for the winter.

Learn how to adjust your mix of water and anti-freeze for optimal level protection of your truck in the winter. Too much antifreeze can cause cooling problems in the summer. A 50-50 ratio of water and antifreeze offers your truck some protection for as low as twenty degrees below zero. However, if the area’s temperature dips further, drain a small amount and pour in straight antifreeze.

Perhaps the most important element that needs to be in top shape during the winter is the condition of your truck’s tires. If you travel, especially on steep roads, such as the hilly Edmonton roads, switch to studded snow tires or tire chains. These features increase the stopping distance on the road and the studs and chain cause road damage, which explains some laws prohibiting their use year-round. Pressure on tires decreases in cold weather so add pressure whenever needed but make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure and not those indicated in air pressure (or gas) stations.

The used trucks Edmonton dealers recommend also advice some knowledge in operating 4WD system. A snowstorm is not the time to check under the hood; before the grueling weather approaches, make sure components such as transfer lever, push button engagement, and locking hubs freely engage and disengage.

The one important feature of the vehicles Edmonton drivers often overlook is the wiper blade. Bad snowy weather turns slushy, and you need your wiper blades in top shape; replace after six months as they get torn from sweeping obstruction on the glass. Check for blown wiper fuse or damaged wiper motor.

You need to drive with caution when you take your pickup truck on the road. In bad weather, make sure to use a good washer solution (not just tap water) on your vehicles Edmonton drivers recommend. A reliable washer solution is effective in clearing glass and car body especially on a slushy street, and you need one that doesn’t freeze in winter-cold temperatures. For more information, visit

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