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Twitter Management According to That Guy from That 70s Show

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This week Twitter-Celebrity Ashton Kutcher, who previous to this incident seemed to be quite the social media savant, put his foot in his mouth when he tweeted his support of now-defamed Penn State football coach, Joe Paternio.

In case you have been living on Mars, under a rock, with your fingers in your ears, Penn State’s football’s team has been undergoing a bit of a scandal recently. And on Wednesday, head coach and football icon Joe Paterno was fired by the University for his inaction in informing the proper authorities about alleged sexual abuse of a child by his former defensive coordinator.

That is when Charlie Sheen’s new replacement on Two and a Half Men expressed condemnation of the university’s decision and touted his support of the beleaguered coach. Hardly a popular stance considering the situation. In his apologetic retraction published on his blog, Kutcher explains that he had been unaware of the scandal and was assuming that Paterno was fired for football-related reasons. Regardless, the damage has been done. Kutcher has since announced that he would be partnering with a Social Media Agency to help him manage his twitter account. In his blog post, Twitter Management, he said, “clearly the platform has become too big to be managed by a single individual”.

Ashton Kutcher, a Twitter-millionaire and the virtual face of the social media platform, recognizes that Twitter as a “mass publishing platform” has outgrown the ability for a single individual to manage. Particularly managing a Twitter account that could affect the public image of brand, even if that brand is an individual’s name.

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