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Ideal Vehicles for the Nature-Loving Thrill Seeker

by rosalindarudloff

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48 percent of the land in Alberta, Canada is boreal forest, primarily composed of lush aspen and spruce trees. The remaining 52 percent of the province offers wide and beautiful landscapes of mountains, hills, and grasslands, perfect for friends and families to travel through, especially in the middle of summer. There are also plenty of water features that grace the land, and these can be visited with the use of recreational vehicles.

Recreational vehicles or RVs are commonly associated with just Class C motor homes, but there are actually several different types of recreational vehicles. Recreational vehicles are any automobiles created for recreational travel, primarily off-road. These can include mountain bikes and some types of motorcycles. However, RV dealerships and rentals typically offer only Class A and Class C motor homes.

Class C motor homes are enormous vehicles built out of the cutaway chassis of full-size pickup trucks, typically the heavy-duty pickups. Instead of a typical bed or panel, an enormous body with home accommodations is built on the chassis, creating a small house on wheels. Class C motor homes are similar to Class A motor homes except that Class A motor homes are built from what looks like a public bus.

Edmonton RV dealers also sell and rent different types of trailers. Trailers are vehicles with a range of accommodations—usually sleeping quarters and a toilet. Fifth-wheel trailers are huge and can be attached to the bed of an independent pickup truck. Many fifth-wheel trailers are as extensive as entire Class C motor homes, and are able to provide occupants with residential amenities like full bathrooms, kitchens, and dining areas.

Some RV dealers Edmonton residents visit also offer all-terrain vehicles or ATVs. All-terrain vehicles are also known as quad bikes because of their body type and appearance. People mount and operate these like motorcycles, but these have four wheels instead of two—each built to travel on rugged terrain.

All-terrain vehicles can be quite fun to ride on, but they can also become unstable unless handled by an experienced rider. This causes many off-road travelers to opt for motorcycles instead. Some Edmonton RV dealers sell tough motorcycles built for off-road travel. For more information, see

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