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What are Dofollow and Nofollow Links in SEO?

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Google make your mind up your ranking in SERP based on more than 200 signals in their Ranking thing and ‘back link’ is one of them and is most imperative in existing search algorithm.


Google Search, Google were using Google Page grade to make a decision ranking of your sheet but then Google take in that people have ongoing to control the Google PR; then Google initiate a new criteria in search algorithm like ‘back link’.


Backlinks are links pointing to your website from other websites.


When we offer back link to any website then we are transient the Link Juice to that website and if your site have supplementary outbound link than inbound link then your sites Page Rank may diminish in next Google Page Rank bring up to date.


To construct a link ‘Do follow’ or ‘No follow’ necessitate a small knowledge of HTML.


What is ‘Do follow’ link?



Every link have a quality ‘rel’, if we set its worth to ‘Dofollow’ then link become ‘dofollow’ link and Google bot follow this link.


e.g. <a href=  rel=”dofollow”> My Sample Domain</a>


at whatever time Google bot (crawler) locate any dofollow link on the page, it crawl that linked page and pass the link Juice.


What is ‘No follow’ link?



If we set ‘rel’ characteristic value to ‘nofollow’ then link become ‘Nofollow’ link and Google bot will not follow this link.


e.g. <a href=  rel=”nofollow”> My Sample Domain</a>


When Google discover any nofollow link on the page, it doesn’t creep that linked page and don’t pass the link Juice.


Exploit of ‘no follow Link:


Most of original blogger reflect that if ‘no follow’ links doesn’t have several SEO price then why we ought to go off for it. Google bot don’t believe ‘no follow’ link but being can see it and if they find it useful then they will move toward to your site as well.



SEO Tips:


 If you have salaried links on your blog or website then make them ‘no follow’ to stay away from any Google price. It is not compulsory by Google Webmaster Guideline as well.


AQ’s about ‘do follow and no follow links’


Questions and answers session:


Q: Why we should make links ‘no follow’?




 To sustain a proper Link Juice for your field we should use ‘no follow’ links. Google doesn’t go by link Juice to linked domain in box of ‘no follow’ link.


Question :



What should be the ratio between ‘do follow and nofollow’ links?


Answer :

 SEO and Webmaster’s put forward that we should not worry about the relation of these two. We should be ordinary while making a link ‘do follow’ or ‘no follow’. If you try to maneuver it then you will always worry about ratio and Google penalty.



  If we have duplicate link on same page then how Google treat them?


Answer :

 Google don’t consider second copy links. If a page have many copy of same link then it just consider the first link.


Question :

 If I have 10 back links on my page and 5 of them are ‘do follow’ and 5 of them are ‘no follow’ then how the Link Juice distribute among them.


Answer :


Logic before the ‘do follow / no follow’ concept


If you have 10 back links then each will get 10% of page link Juice


Logic after the ‘do follow / no follow’


Total links are 10 so each must get 10% but 5 of them are ‘no follow’ so 50% Link Juice will just vanish.



So all back link out of 5 ‘do follow’ link will get 10% of link Juice.


Question :

If I have two duplicate links on my page and one of them is ‘no follow’ and another one is ‘do folllow’ then how Google treat them?



As per debate in various forums, Google believe the first Link only in case of photocopy links, so it will believe the rel characteristic value of first link; if it ‘do follow’ then your link will be deem as ‘do follow’ otherwise not.

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