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Palatine Dentist Explains the Benefits of Family Dentistry

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The importance of establishing an ongoing relationship between your family and a trusted dental professional cannot be understated. Your entire family needs to be cared for by a dental team that prioritizes oral health and hygiene.  While general dentistry practitioners provide quality treatment, a family dentist practice usually accepts patients of all ages, fostering relationships from childhood and beyond, building strong foundations for optimum oral health.


At your Palatine Dentist practice, the focus is on preventative dentistry. We abide by the standards of the American Dental Association, which recommend twice yearly visits to your family dentist for regular cleanings, flouride treatments and routine x-rays.


Oral examinations and cleanings can be expected on routine visits to the dentist. Cleanings will eliminate stains and plaque buildup, and we will provide you with quality care instructions on how to best maintain healthy teeth between appointments. Correct brushing and flossing will help prevent tooth decay and gum problems down the road.


Family Dentistry provides families the opportunity to develop a trusting, lasting relationship with a dentist who will follow the course of their dental health through the years. Family dentists can shape early experiences children have at the dentist for the better, creating a welcoming and low-stress atmosphere that builds trust and confidence between patient and dentist.


You can forge a successful dental relationship by finding a friendly, welcoming family dentistry practice that prioritizes the needs of your entire family. Getting routine checkups over the long term can prevent costly dental work later on, making for less stressful times in the dentist’s chair!




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