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Health Benefits of Ascorbic Acid

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In order to stay healthy, Human body requires a lot of vitamins on a daily basis. Vitamin C is one of these and the vitamin C benefits are countless. Maintaining a proper diet is by far the best way to get the nourishment you require. Foods enriched with vitamin C include: citrus fruits, green peppers, other green vegetables, strawberries, milk, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli and fish etc. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and it is a brilliant source of antioxidants that can offer multitudinous health benefits when it is consumed with the supplements of Vitamin C. These supplements are much required for human body, also they help tissue repair, gums and for the general growth of the body.

Vitamin C easily dissolves in water and is not produced in the human body and has to be provided from the food. It is responsible to run many tasks in your body some of the primary features involve the creation of collagen, to enhance injury recovery, also to increase immune system attributes. Pills, like aspirin, antibiotics, oral birth control methods and chemical toxins restrict the vitamin C performance in your system.

Some Other important functions of Vitamin C is its capacity to render energy and essentials required for white blood cells in combating viruses or bacteria. Inadequacy of this vitamin can contribute in a weakened body, resulting to illness and infection. Some of the very common transmissions we go through regularly are throat infection and respiratory infection. These conditions can be handled by eating citrus fruits because of loaded substance of Vitamin C. On the other hand, respiratory infection can be relieved by consumption of this vitamin. Vitamin C can comfort the mucous membrane in the lungs. In addition, if you have deficiency of this vitamin, you are at risk of getting lung cancer.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid has been one of skin-care's hot sellers for the past several years due to its proven effectiveness as an antioxidant. Topical Vitamin C can protect the skin from UV damage caused by prolonged sun exposure by reducing the amount of free radical formation. However, while it can help safeguard against skin damage and reduce discoloration, it should be used in conjunction with, not in place of, a good sunscreen.

Citrus fruit are thought to be ingredients full of c vitamin yet it is certainly not good enough to rely upon only just citrus some fruits for all c vitamin demands. You will also find some other sources of c vitamin to think about. offers dietary supplements such as castor oil, activated charcoal, ascorbic acid, fish oil, valerian, eveline, ahava and body care products at very reasonable prices.

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