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How important is child education plan in India?

by anonymous

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Every parent earns and invests for the betterment of their family. One of the most important responsibilities is to plan for their child’s education in advance. In India the education expenses are rising with every passing year making them worry for their kid’s future. Only proper planning can help them in getting their child admitted to the desired course. When we say proper planning it does not mean just saving money, but can also be investing in different finance options like in child education plan or mutual funds to get good returns when required. Child education plan in India is emerging as a great trend for investment which gives higher returns and can be utilized for funding higher studies for children.


Nowadays many private insurance companies have come up with some excellent child education plan in India, which is low cost in running and give higher returns when required. Different plans will give different results; hence parents should compare and check plan’s performance from time to time before investing.  It is good that in India more parents are planning for their children’s higher education rather than waiting for the situation to become worse. Financial awareness is spreading and more options are being provided by different companies to invest and save for a secured future.


Apart from these child plans, there are different types of investment options also available in the market, which are much cheaper and give higher returns like fixed deposits, investing in government securities, mutual funds and market linked insurance plans. Earlier child education plans were high cost in running and gave less benefit as compared to all these investment options. Recently launched child education plans are much more flexible, performing really well and are giving enough returns making it possible for many children to think and dream big about their higher studies. The most important things to keep in mind before investing should be your goals, current financial situation and percentage of returns in the future. Other important factors include tax, time frame and flexibility of the plan. And, all these features are best provided by the child’s education plans today. Before investing in any of these options, one should research and compare all the features in detail with the various finance options available. The prime factor remains getting the cash when required in times like admission and travelling abroad for higher studies.

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