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web services

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Agrima Web Services offer different web services that include Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Design, 3D Design and many more. Web

services can be defined as reusable web based applications that are accesses through different operating systems and hardware platforms. The

basic platform for these services is XML and HTTP.

It is a standardized and efficient way of integrating web applications by making use of protocols and service standards for developing and

accessing web services like UDDI, SOAP, WSDL and XML.

Main use of protocols are mentioned below:

• XML is used for formatting the data that is received by the protocol.
• SOAP is used for transferring the data.
• WSDL describes the availability of web service.
• UDDI provides the list of available services.

Web Service Design Patterns

Basic aspects of web service design pattern are mentioned below:

• Understanding web services
• Provide appropriate Security
• Plan for deployment issues
• Web services management and their interoperability
• Understand the lower level transport model
• Provide Specific functionality and User Friendly GUI

Use of Web Services

These services are used for sharing data that is tagged with XML across different networks. These services do not offer the users with any

interface for presenting data in defined web pages. This data is processed by the developers through connecting web services to a GUI like as

web pages. Also, it offer user friendly interface for providing useful functionality to the user.

Advantages of using Web Services

The main advantage of web service is to create reusable web based applications. Sometimes different applications require same code; to overcome

this problem web services are used. These services are used for developing weather report, currency conversion and country locations services.

With the help of these services, time consuming custom coding is reduced. This is done by offering reusable functions for creating different

applications with specific functions.

Web Services Applications

Web services applications are used for varied purposes like selling products of your business affiliate partner by designing and developing e-

commerce web site accessing the products catalog. This is done to generate revenue by tracking the visitors of your site. These services are

also used for weather report for different locations. Moreover, these services require web based widgets for displaying live weather report on

your website.

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