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How To Create a Facebook Page

by maddyacca

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Original Source: How To Create a Facebook Page

An important feature of setting up a business is to attract clientele; let people know about it. Where best to do it than on a social website like facebook that has more than 500 million active users. The number keeps increasing! Starting a Facebook Page for your business here means reaching out to a good number of people at their doorstep. Interestingly, people spend more than 700 billion hours a month on this site and if you have what they want, your business is an instant success.

Much to your relief, creating a page is neither time consuming nor too technical. The following guidelines should get you through with it:

1) Create the page

Sign in to your facebook account and type in ‘’ in the address bar. You will be directed to a page that looks like the image above. Click that ‘Create Page’ option in the upper right corner.

Discover Facebook Pages

You will be given the following options to select your category from:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Create Facebook Page


2) Fill out the information

Fill Out Business info in Facebook

After selecting the type of your page, you need to fill in the details that would tell about your location, name of your business etc. At the end, check the ‘I agree to Facebook Pages Terms’ box and hit ‘Get Started’.  A new page will be created:

I agree to Facebook Pages Terms


3) Photo time!

To go with your business, you must have a photo that suits. Remember, the first thing anyone is going to notice is the picture of your page so be careful with it. It can be anything from a logo to a picture of the product. However, it must be smaller in size than 4MB and don’t forget to consider what’s the thumbnail version is going to look like along all the wall posts.



4) Growth, suggest it to your friends

Suggest FB Page To friends

Make your page popular by getting your friends to ‘like’ it. Click the ‘Suggest to Friends’ option. A window will pop up where you can find friends to invite by typing in their names. Click the friend’s name once to select each friend. To see who you have selected, click the selected option. When you are done picking, click ‘Send Recommendations’ to suggest the page.

Send Facebook Page Recommendations


5) Import Contacts

Import Contacts on Facebook

The invitations are not only limited to people on Facebook. You can recommend your page to your email contacts as well – simply adds to the number you can reach out to. Click ‘Import Contacts’ and you can either upload some file like Outlook, Constant Contact etc. or you can select the names you want to send the invitations to.  You will also be able to have a preview to see how the invitation will appear.

Those who are not on Facebook will get the following email:

Others will get the widget on their Facebook:


6) Substance Writing

You have put up a good photo and you have let a few people know about your page. Now, you are all set to start writing in your page and communicate your work updates through it.

It has features that will allow you to broaden or narrow your target down to the specific location or customize the people you want to attract attention of. For example, you can share your status update with everyone, no one or some selected people.

You can link other blogs and stories to your page but don’t just copy the URL to your status update. It will end up looking like this:

Instead, make the most out of it. Click ‘Link’ and paste the URL here. Once done, click ‘Attach’. This won’t just provide the link to your page but will also import the photo and text from the page you are attaching. It shows more information and corresponds better. Not just this, you can alter the text as well as the picture if you like.

When you are finished writing your own heading, phrase or anything in the snippet, click share and it will appear on your page.


7) Get a Vanity URL

You will get a vanity URL once you have 25 fans. Your URL will be To set up a name to use for this URL, go to Username page and click the Page Name from the menu.  See the availability by clicking ‘Check Availability’, if it’s usable it will confirm, “Are you sure you want to set [URL] as [Facebook Page]’s username?”  Note that you cannot change the name once you have confirmed it.


8) You have tools, use them

You should and if you are really concerned with each and every bit of your work, you will keep a check on the activity of all the content you post by clicking the *Facebook Insights* option on the sidebar towards the right. It grants you the ability to analyze the content to know what to do, when to do.


9) Bring Admins in

No need to run the entire page all by yourself when you have to get along with your work simultaneously. Facebook Page gives you the much needed feature of adding people to run the page as Admin i.e. they will be able to post the statuses and content that will show up as posted by the Page instead of the individual.

To add more administrators, click “See All” under the right sidebar in the “Admins” section. When the new page appears, it will show the names of all the Admins. Also, to add more people just type in their name. A Page can have as many Admins as you like and they will be kept posted about all the content on the Page so that they can interrelate with the fans as a company.

Your Page is all ready to be used for your business venture. Good luck!

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