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Cleaning Your Roof Safely and Competently in Florida

by linokosters

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The roof is possibly the farthest spot you would think about when you clean your Florida dwelling. You likely believe that there’s little to no need to clean your roof. This is due to the fact that (1) lots of individuals pay little to no mindfulness to your roof; (2) good quality roof materials decrease the need for you to care for your roof; and (3) precipitation will take away most of the litter anyway. Most of the time, however, there are tough blotches that call for more than Mother Earth to eliminate.

Florida’s warm climate can make asphalt shingles turn black. This may be due to an algae called Gloeocapsa magma. This flourishes in damp environments such as your roof. Gloeocapsa magma feeds on limestone, which is the filler material of your roof shingles that boosts sturdiness. If Gloeocapsa magma is not eradicated, your roof will eventually degenerate. Below are a few pieces of information on ways to aptly clean your roof.


Plan your roof cleaning on an overcast day so that your cleaner will not dry out too soon. Get a garden sprayer and discharge a concoction of hot water, detergent, and bleach into it. Have a brush and some water too. Build a rope system by the roof’s edge so that it will be easy to hoist the cleaning materials.

Defense First

Place the ladder on a flat area by the roof, and fasten it with braces. Use slip-resistant shoes and a harness for extra safety. Clean the gutters first as blocked gutters will render it difficult for both debris and cleaning solutions to fall off the roof.

Clean your Roof

Commence at the lower region of the roof so that you’ll continually have a bare surface to step on when you work your way to the top. Handle it like the experts who provide the roof cleaning Clearwater denizens require. WetDampen the soiled regions, scrub the stubborn stains. If the cleaner dries up preceipitately, spray some more. Discharge fresh water on the cleaned areas and let them dry. Repeat as necessary.

You can clean your roof if you have (1) good balance; (2) no apprehension of elevations; and (3) good understanding of cleaning varied roof blotches. If not, it’s wise to contract professionals who do roof cleaning in Clearwater. It’s also much better to leave the job to those who have been undertaking it for years.

The abovementioned routine can be expect of corporations that offer roof cleaning Palm Harbor, FL residents depend on. For more knowledge, read

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