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Helpful Car Buying Tips for Ajax, Ontario Motorists

by patrickgauer

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Most people have the assumption that scouting for a used car in Ajax, Ontario is just like looking for a new one. On the contrary, looking for a used car is a little less simple than that. Unlike new cars, which come out fresh from the manufacturer’s factory with guaranteed quality, used cars have already changed hands from one owner to another, and thus have been weathered by wear and tear.

Used cars are an attractive option, especially for people who just want to have a decent vehicle for work or leisure. If you’re one of those people, then a used car in Ajax is the perfect option. A new car in the hands of its first owner suffers a significant decline in overall market value by as much as 40% during the first year. By the time that car comes into your possession, it assumes an even more significantly lower market price.

However, a used car’s real worth will depend on how long it was held by the previous owner and how frequently it was used. A high mileage could mean that it was put to heavy use by the previous owner, and thus may have more functional concerns than you realize. Since you’ll be buying a used car, it’s wise to consider these guidelines:


Whether you want to pay in full or by installment, your budget should always take precedence. Make a pre-estimated budget; this will put a ceiling on your projected expenditures. Once you have a value, start scouting only for used cars that are within range of your pre-estimated budget.


The used car type you’re looking for should depend on what you need for yourself or your family. If you want a vehicle that can easily accommodate 4 to 5 people, opt for a family Sedan. On the same note, if you want an athletic vehicle for city driving, Ajax Chrysler Neon dealers may have nice options for you. Vehicles run on either diesel or petrol, so you need to decide, as well, on which one you’re more comfortable with.

Fuel Economy

Today’s skyrocketing fuel prices can be taxing to anyone’s wallet, so fuel efficiency should be one of your key concerns. To be safe, always assume that the used car has 2 to 4 km/liter less than the estimated mileage shown on its advertisement. The used Cadillac Ajax residents seem to prefer is one such vehicle that has fuel efficient features.

The good news here is that Ajax car dealers offer a wide range of brands and models. Just make sure you’ve take into consideration all these matters before stepping into any of their showrooms. You can visit for more information.

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