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How Einstein Could Have Affected the Profession of Plumbing

by darryliorio

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Albert Einstein at one time said," "If I had my life to live over again, I’d be a plumber." The man responsible for a lot of things modern science generally accepts just preferred an easy life repairing leaking pipes and clearing drains. He even insisted on helping his neighbor in Washington, D.C. with the latter's leaky sink.

Perhaps history wouldn’t have been the same if one of the most popular scientific minds had not been present to go over things about space and time. Einstein would've shared his own contributions to a better form of plumbing for the modern-day world. However, what if Einstein was both a scientist and a plumber? Possibly, he would make use of his Ph.D. in theoretical physics to enhance the lives of people with odd theories like:

Wormholes: In simple language, a wormhole lets a thing cover very far distances in space just like village portal scrolls in many hack-and-slash games. Wormholes in plumbing could've changed the way human waste and water are carried, making them move to treatment plants a lot faster. Yes, it seems like sci-fi; but Einstein once tackled wormholes with a colleague.

Having a wormhole in the plumbing system can expedite the movement of water and human waste to where they really must go. As a result, more water can be offered to homes in a shorter quantity of time. Moreover, more urinary and fecal waste can be processed by treatment plants for the waste water to be reused.

Theory of relativity: You're familiar with the Einstein's popular E = mc2 formula, pairing mass and energy like lovebirds. Einstein's theory of relativity proved where gravity comes from-- it's the matter that bends the space-time mat with its mass. As you understand, gravity is the force that aids a plumbing system carry waste and water in and out of the home. A New Westminster plumber may be the one to get in touch with if the water refuses to descend.

The function of science in offering houses with purified water and restroom is never too far from plumbing repair and upkeep. Einstein was awarded as an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union after manifesting his interest in plumbing, providing him a total plumber's device set he really wished to use. It is among Einstein's side tales history will always remember.

Read more on Einstein's vision of fixing dripping pipes and other plumbing complications at aether.lbl. gov/PDFs/SmootEinstein.pdf. A good plumber New Westminster citizens depend on may or may not know much about Einstein; nonetheless, the supposed contributions of one of science's most renowned figures to plumbing would have been very significant as well.

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