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Choose ACUVUE 2 for freedom, comfort, easy to apply and remo

by ShikhaKSharma

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ACUVUE 2 contact lenses by Johnson and Johnson are best 2 week disposable contact lenses in the hydrogel category. It’s a Tri-Curve lens with Contour Intelligent Design. Hydrogel lenses are the latest development in soft contact lens materials. They are healthier than conventional soft lenses because they allow up to 6 times more oxygen to pass through them and increased oxygen transmission results in better overall eye health. Advantages of hydrogel lenses over conventional soft lenses include: more resistance to protein deposits, less drying of the lenses, lower risk of eye infection, easier handling due to increased rigidity of material, and much lower incidence of complications with extended wear use .It offers exceptional comfort and easy maintenance. These contact lenses are perfect for daily wear.

UV protection : It offers best in Class UV protection. UV radiation can be harmful to your eyes. That’s why ACUVUE brand lenses help protect the covered portions of your eyes by blocking an average of 88% of UV-A radiation and 99% of UV-B radiation. These Contacts also protect against the transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and into the eye.

Acuvu 2 contact lenses provide wearers with superior comfort and crisp, clear vision. The lens is designed to be worn as a two-week daily wear lens (which means you take the lenses out each night), one lens can be worn up to 14 days. They can also be worn as an extended wear lens (which means you can sleep in them) for up to six nights. Then simply discard and replace with fresh lenses. Be sure to follow your prescribing eye care provider’s recommended replacement schedule.

Acuvue 2  perfect for those people who are nearsighted, farsighted or want to change their look with colored lenses—whether or not they need vision correction. Nearsightedness: Distant objects appear blurry. Farsightedness: Objects appear blurry up close. Blur can also occur when viewing distant objects.

 It has Visibility tint & inside out mark also so you can spot them in your lens case and inserting lenses correctly every time is as easy as following the 1-2-3 mark.

ACUVUE 2 Contact Lenses are available by prescription only for vision correction. An eye doctor will determine whether contact lenses are right for you. Although rare, serious eye problems can develop while wearing contact lenses. To help avoid these problems, follow the wear and replacement schedule and the lens care instructions provided by your eye doctor. Do not wear contact lenses if you have an eye infection, or experience eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, redness or other eye problems. If one of these conditions occurs, contact your eye doctor immediately. Recommended replacement schedule is 2 weeks / fortnight.

Available in the pack of 6 lenses per box for just Rs. 1100/- and 15 lens value pack for just Rs. 2000/- in India.

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