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Workout In The Comfort Of Your Home: Buy Exercise Balls

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An exercise ball, commonly referred to as a Swiss ball, is constructed of soft elastic and filled with air. It usually has a diameter ranging from 35 to 85 cm. It is a high-quality ball, which is also known as a gym ball, stability ball, yoga ball, balance ball, birth ball, therapy ball, and pilates ball.

The Swiss ball was used in the early 1960s by physical therapists and and chiropractors in Switzerland to assist with rehabilitation. In late 1980s, coaches and athletic trainers in USA found it far more valuable and versatile than just for rehab use as it was extremely effective in developing balance and increasing the strength of core muscles.

Swiss balls are one of the top fitness tools today. Buy exercise balls if you are finding it difficult to hit the gym everyday as it can be used at home. There are plenty of Swiss ball exercises to train and shape your whole body.

The Swiss ball is ideal for abdominal exercises. They offer a better workout for your abs than the regular crunches. Using this exercise ball also strengthens your lower back and abdominal muscles. The ball increases your ability to maintain stability and balance, along with improving coordination of muscles and alignment of your body. The main muscles that help and stabilize the support of your entire body on the ball are the lower back and abdominal muscles.

As these exercises on the Swiss ball strengthen your muscles, they also make you lose weight by reducing body fat. It is also a great tool for stretching exercises as various stretching positions can be easily and safely tried with the support of the ball. It is advisable to buy exercise balls to workout in the comfort of your home and hence improve your flexibility and strength. The Swiss ball supports the entire weight of your body while exercising, thus providing a full range of motion for maximum muscle stimulation.

While choosing an exercise ball, keep a note of your height and then select the ball with an appropriate diameter. The following tips must be noted if you are looking forward to buy exercise balls: If the height of the user is below 5 feet, then he/she must go for a ball that measures 45 cm in diameter. Those who are more than a height of 5 feet must opt for a ball that is 55 cm in diameter. If the user’s height is below 6 feet 2 inches, then a ball measuring 65 cm will be apt, and if the user’s height is more 6 feet 3 inches, then the ball must be 75 cm in diameter.

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