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CerberuS of Team Pinnacle's Review of the Scuf Controllers

by Reubenhays

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Coming from competitive PC gaming to console for the Virgin $1.6 Million Worldwide Conquest tournament for Battlefield 3, I knew the transition from mouse and keyboard to controller would be a bumpy ride. To get to a level of play where I could vye to compete for first place, I knew I was going quickly master something that my competitors have been using for years.


At first the road was as rocky as I thought it'd be, and I didn't have any sense of control with the analog sticks and my brain wanting to so something in-game didn't always translate into pressing the right button. I knew it all came down to muscle memory and conditioned reflexes and that it would come in time, but it didn't feel like that time was coming fast enough.

Then I heard about a Scuf Controllers when watching a stream of some Call of Duty players ranting and raving about how much they love it, so I looked into how they might be able to aid me in my effort to master Battlefield 3 on the Xbox. I gave a Scuf Controller a try, and every single [attribute] of it helped my play beyond anything I could have hoped for.


The joysticks sticks felt better and more precise, the domed aim stick gave me considerably more control with my shooting, and the hair triggers gave me that millesecond advantage that continues to be the difference between dying and escaping 1v1s with single digit health.


On a more personal level, the soft touch paint and Scuf-Grip is amazing for me because my hands tend to sweat a lot when gaming for many hours, and the two have pretty much eliminated what was once a big time annoyance. The controller now feels so feels so good in my hands that I'd like to emphasize to people it's not just a cheap rubber backing, this is a high grade chemical finish we're talking about and not a gimmick.


Last but certainly not least I can't praise enough the most amazing, game-changing, and just downright biggest advantage that Scuf Controllers give me over my competition: the Scuf Paddles.


For me personally, having to hit left and right on dpad to bring out my medic kit or defibrillator when playing Assault is easily the most annoying aspect of using a regular controller. With the Scuf, I'm able to do both with ease, and the amount of smoothness and fluidity the paddles bring to Battlefield 3 has to be felt to be believed. From my experience, almost every game I come across a scenario where my Scuf Controller is the difference between dying with my thumbs off my joystick and keeping perfect control of my movement and aiming.


In the end it all comes down to personal preference on how you set up your Scuf Controller, but regardless of your decision you know you're getting the best gaming controller out there, and one that's guaranteed to take your ability to the next level.


I knew I wouldn't be where I am today--on the best Battlefield 3 team alongside MLG National Champions--if it weren't for mine.



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