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How to Be a Top-Ranked and Frequently Visited Website

by roseector

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According to the New York Times, 70% of all web visitors watch online videos. Meanwhile, based on the data gathered by digital intelligence providers Industry Watchdog and eMarketer, videos account for 52% of all web traffic. Given these numbers, it appears that more and more people prefer to watch videos than to browse through online articles and data. One possible explanation can be attributed to how most people’s mental functions are stimulated visually.


In line with this, the prevailing theory is that internet users are also becoming more visual. It is not that the number of people who prefer reading has decreased, but if there is a better way to understand something, then why not choose it? Colorful graphs, charts, and online demonstrations appeal to more people than most companies think. This is why Google has increased and modified its standards by including videos on the search results page even if the user did not specifically ask to see one.


Google’s search and indexing algorithms are constantly changing and this complexity is making it harder for many businesses to reach the top rank of the search engine’s results page. With competition fiercer than ever, you have to develop strategies to keep up. No matter how good your video is, you will need to learn how to optimize and enhance it for you to be able to endorse your products and services more effectively and to make it possible for you to reach more people.


Search engine optimization does not only involve the driving of web traffic to a website that has tons of articles and information. If words and web content can be optimized, videos can be, too. Consider hiring the service of a recommended video SEO company because their assistance will be of great help to those who are not well-versed in the art of video optimization.


There are online video solutions companies that can help you get your video where you need it to be. Choosing a good video SEO platform will enable you to advertise your products and services more effectively and frequently. The more exposed your products and services are, the higher the probability that you would win over more potential customers.


Before you even consider uploading your video in a video solutions company’s website, you should first determine your needs and goals. Video SEO services will be more helpful to you if you know how, where, and to whom you want your video should be shown. Online marketing is far more complex than what many business owners think, so it is best to seek out the help of a professional. For more information about video SEO, you can visit

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