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Cyanogenmod Easy Installation Guide For Android

by maddyacca

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cyanogenmod_introductionIntroduction and Compatibility:

Android operating system for tablets and mobile phones has captured a big market share in just few months and people are very impressed with its cool looks and user friendly interface. Almost every mobile phone company is introducing Android in their tablets and phones, as its an open source and free operating system like Linux in computers markets. Today i am going to tell you about installation of Cyanogenmod, which is a ROM. I know many of you will want to ask this that what is a Rom?. Rom is like an operating system runs on your android tablet. Cyanogenmod is a custom rom and you can easily edit it, you can edit its code and make your graphical look more attractive.

CyanogenMod Rom Looks

The first thing is Cyanogenmod system requirements and compatibility. Most of tablets available in market are compatible with it but you should confirm first about its compatibility with your phone. If Cyanogenmod is not compatible with your phone, you are unable to install it.

Installation Guide:


The first step is to root your android device, and i will now let you know about its complete procedure. This purpose of rooting your tablet is to install or edit some of its important system files, which is not possible without rooting it, because many devices don't allow to edit or overwrite its default settings and files. To root your device you should use an application named SuperOneClick or you can root your tablet by recovery onto your phone or flashing a new kernel.

Step 2:

Now you should replace your tablet's recovery by loading some recovery type actions. Recovery is an option of booting your tablet before your tablet starts.

CyanogenMod Recovery Snapshot


Now install all of your favorite and necessary apps by downloading them from internet. After installation you need to reboot in recovery and then flash or install .zip files on your Android tablet. Be careful during installation process and also choose correct options for installation, a little carelessness can harm your tablet badly. After installing files restart your device and now your device is running Cyanogenmod.

CyanogenMod Android

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