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Best Service apartments in Gurgaon

by kamaldeep

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If one is looking for Service Apartments in Gurgaon then Perch Service Apartments is one of the best available options for him. Before going into the details about the facilities and services offered, one must clearly understand the term apartment. Apartment is often misunderstood with hotel but there is a clear cut difference. An apartment also known as flat is a suite in a bigger real estate building with all the facilities of a house. It is a kind of a purchased house where one can enjoy all homely comforts. But like a home, he will have to perform all the tasks such as cooking, washing, etc. On the other hand, a hotel is a place where person plans to stay for a shorter duration, maximum of 2 or 3 months and here he is just like a guest where he will enjoy all the services offered to him by the workers of the hotel. To afford a hotel for your long stay in Gurgaon can be very tough, and thus Service Apartments in Gurgaon is a very feasible option. 

An apartment is necessary for persons who have not been the native of a particular town but plan to stay there for longer time duration because of job or any other such task. Whereas a hotel will be taken up generally by tourists or businessman who has come to stay only for a few days and plan to return back. Gurgaon being a metro city with a lot of companies and job opportunities Gurgaon Service Apartments are in high demand.

Perch Service Apartments

Perch Service Apartments, a block of service apartments is located along a street with trees all over. One is guaranteed to get a peaceful experience with the greenery of trees. The treetop greens is located in an area which is very close to almost all the popular business areas in Gurgaon and hence one will save transportation costs as well as time. Perch is a service apartment which means that a person will get the facilities of most of the homely tasks done by workers so that he can concentrate well on his professional work. The treetop Greens is an apartment with quality services and one will get them 24 hours a day. It contains business centre with facilities of fax, photocopy, printing, etc.

One is also given the services of readymade meals if he demands. All the required business and entertainments hubs such as malls, theatres are located at a five minutes walking distance only. The apartment offers convince facilities at reasonable rates. Hence of many apartments, Perch are the best Service Apartments in Gurgaon

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