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Nursing Assistant Training - A pathway to a Career in demand

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The statistics of Labour Department, United States revealed the figures for the projected number of Nursing and Psychiatric Assistants that will be required by the nation. According to figures, the demand for these professionals is forecasted to grow by 19% and by the end of 2018, 276,000 more assistants will be required to fill the vacancy with in nation. This is what encouraging the high school leaves to join nursing assistant training.


Who are these Nursing Training Assistants?

Nursing assistant are sometime also known as certified nursing assistants, geriatric assistant, unlicensed assistive personnel or hospital attendants. As name states, their primary duty is assist medical staff under the supervision of their seniors. Their routine duties are as follows:

  • They help patients with their most important routine work like, eating, bathing and dressing them.

  • They do answer phone calls and some time they do deliver messages to the concerned person or medical staff.

  • They do help patients by serving and feeding them meals.

  • They do help patients with mobility disability and do provide company to patients on walk.

  • They escort patients to the examining room and assist them some procedure.

  • They do check their temperatures, pulse rate, blood pressure and respiration rate for further medical procedures and for doctors’ assistance.

  • They also assist medical staff in preparing the medical equipments such as x-ray machines for tests.

  • Medical nursing assistants share a better personal relation with patients as they are principal caregivers.


What are the educational and licensing requirements for these nursing assistants?

Educational qualifications:

    • A diploma or training available in Nursing and psychiatric aide, which can be gained from high schools, vocational training centres, community colleges and from some nursing care facilities.


Licensing requirements:

    • Any aspirant candidate must pass at least 75 hours of state approved nursing assistant training course

    • The above certification will make a nursing assistant a qualified CNA (certified nursing assistant)


What are the career options and career projections?

As mentioned earlier, the demand for these professional is anticipated to grow by 19%. There are several reasons behind this such as:

  • The fiscal policies of hospitals, which forces them to discharge a patient early and this will eventually increase the number of patient transferred to nursing care facilities.

  • The life expectancy in increased and the death rate is declining, because of tremendous growth in medical science and technology. This is resulting in increased number of old people. In the end, our citizens need someone who can take care of them, and nursing assistants are one of those helping hands.



Is there any institute or website that offers detailed information about nursing assistant training programs?

There are innumerable institutes and web portals; however, the best option is


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