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The Mystic Tradition of a Turkish Gulet Lives On

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A famed tradition of the Turks, a Turkish gulet was a traditional two-masted sailing vessel made from wood. The vessel was designed for many purposes such as trade and travel along the south-west coastline of Turkey. The beauty and functionality of these small but reliable vessels became an attractive means of sea travel such that they were adopted along the region by almost every sea-going community. The Turkish gulet is admirable in its cargo carrying capability despite being compact in size.


The Turkish gulet is designed with safety, comfort and sea prowess as its defining features. What used to be a traditional innovation for the locals has turned out to be perhaps the most esteemed cruise holiday vessels in the world. The experience of a Turkish gulet holiday has no comparison, even with the most exotic yacht charters offering luxury cruises elsewhere in the world.


The modern redesign of the Turkish gulet has seen it improve to a luxury vessel predominantly used for cruises to the region. The locals are however still fond of them as the most functional means of transport. A typical modern Turkish gulet will measure anything from 4 meters to 35 meters long. Most of these are motor powered and run on diesel engines as a means of cost-saving on fuel use. The cruising vessels have been given a touch of luxury with air conditioned accommodation for about eighteen people, well catered for with self-contained double cabins.


The Turkish gulet was designed and built by Bodrum experts, Bodrum being Europe's largest wooden ships manufacturing yard even today. The region is renowned for the ability to design masterful ships. This secret was also known to the Egyptian Plemäus as early as 300 BC since all his warships were built at Bodrum. When a Turkish guletis built in Bodrum therefore, something that takes up to 12 months to accomplish, it is a vessel you can reliability entrust with even the most demanding cruises in the world.


A gulet cruise in Turkey or the surrounding destinations is not just great because of the vessel itself per se but by the mystic tradition inherited from generations of Turks. It is something that denizens and return visitors share fondly; an unexplainable experience that has no equal or description, especially as a holiday destination. The Turkish gulet has aunique ability to transform a cruise into the most breathtaking, memorable and adventurous holiday of your life.


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