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Domestic Violence and Divorce

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In dangerous situations involving abuse, seeking a domestic violence attorney in Chicago as soon as possible is the best first step a victim can take. It takes a certain amount of strength and courage for most victims of abuse to seek to break the emotional bondage that keeps them in harm's way, the false promises of change, the intermittent display of affection that seems subjectively real but is obviously a sham, and to take action in many cases despite the frightening possibility of financial insecurity. A domestic violence attorney in Chicago can help victims navigate through the legalities of the situation and provide resources for finding a new path without abuse or the threat of personal harm.


If the situation merits, the domestic violence attorney in Chicago will petition the court, which will likely order a protective order that bars the offender from being within a certain distance or from directly communicating with the victim. In most cases, the victim is allowed to continue living in the house both previously shared, while the offender, if not incarcerated, will have to find other accommodations until the case has been legally settled both in criminal court (if charges have been filed) and in civil court in cases where divorce has been aggressively pursued.


Abuse clouds everyone’s sensibility in court due to the stigma attached to such acts of violence. There are cases in which false allegations can be made against offenders, or the abuse can be significantly exaggerated by the person alleging abuse in order to gain legal advantage. A domestic violence attorney in Chicago can also help those who have been falsely accused of violence or abuse to act in their defense, but it is imperative to act soon and keep documentation of everything that occurs or is alleged. In such cases, it is always best for those falsely accused to behave in every possible way without reproach, not to make false counter-accusations, but merely to submit all evidence to one’s attorney and begin to prepare a substantial defense. It is often the case that the court will be swayed by the party that is the best prepared and that seems to present the most believable and sober case.


Whether one is the victim of violence or abuse or is falsely accused of it or facing exaggerated claims, it is critical to consult with a domestic violence attorney in Chicago as soon as possible. Cases such as these are often regarded as very serious, and one should not attempt to navigate the legalities of the situation without sufficient legal guidance.


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