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What are mobile ad networks?

by anonymous

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Mobile advertising is fast becoming one of the world’s leading advertising mediums. It possesses a vast array of features that make it the ideal candidate for companies worldwide and as such is developing into a well-structured market. For example, mobile ad networks are one of the latest elements of mobile advertising designed to highlight and amplify its already impressive features. So just what are mobile ad networks?


A mobile ad network is an online platform, offered by a media company, which allows mobile marketers to advertise a product or service on a publisher’s web page across mobile devices. Online publishers - such as an online newspaper company - must collaborate with a mobile ad network such as admob, Jumptap, and Google Adsense in order to create a presence on a network and thus, the marketers pay the publishers for advertising their product or service.


Mobile advertisements have been well renowned for sometime as being a highly targeted and efficient means of advertising and mobile ad networks help maintain and even increase the targeted nature of the advertisements. Mobile ads are often designed to target a specific audience demographic, with the obvious intention that the audiences targeted are the most likely to convert or become customers of the product or service being marketed based on designated fields, such as age and gender and location. Mobile  ad  networks often sell their own targeted services to publishers based on the promise that they will match customer criteria with the appropriate marketers.


The mobile ad network business is a highly competitive art of mobile marketing and it is not hard to see why. Mobile ad networks aim to turn online visits into profits and as such, hone in on some of the most detailed online user behaviour to achieve the most efficient results. For example, a mobile user who enables a navigational application can automatically receive advertisements from companies in the local vicinity. This demonstrates mobile ad networks emphasis on the immediacy and convenience of proximity marketing and advertising to customers on the go. As well as this, media companies also have the ability to notice common search terms a customer may use and as such, will deliver targeted advertisements that closely relate to the customers search.


Mobile ad networks are without a doubt a powerful tool in the world of mobile. Mobile marketers can focus specifically on their advertising strategy in terms of audience, message, layout, and aesthetics and then let their partnering mobile ad network focus on the targeted and efficient delivery of their advertisement. Overall, this makes for a well planned and efficient advertising medium that will surely perpetuate the growth and success of mobile.



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