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Can mobile marketing be tailored to specific target audience

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Mobile marketing is developing rapidly as a form of advertising. Television, radio and billboard ads are all mediums of marketing that can reach large numbers of consumers in public and widely noticeable spheres. But even when these mediums aim to target specific consumers, they lack intimacy and personal engagement with customers.


Mobile marketing on the other hand offers all the reach of conventional advertising, but presents an additional element of customer engagement and being tailored specifically to a target audience. Product packaging promotions are one simple way in which companies can take one step further to engaging customers more personally. When shoppers venture down specific aisles at supermarkets they are obviously searching for something in particular, so it would seem obvious that the first group of consumers companies may wish to target are already existing customers in that product market. Promotions on product packaging will allow customers to immediately opt in to TXT alerts promoting new offers or providing information about that specific product.


Not only may these offers increase sales in a product, but the more personal customer engagement may lead to a more loyal customer following in the long wrong. As well as this, TXT offers on packaging offer advertising for companies at a much lower cost than battling for prime time television ad slots and thus provide lower risk in terms of the return increase in sales.


Product association has also shown itself to be a valuable way in which mobile marketing can be tailored to specific target audiences. If companies can highlight events that would appeal to their target audience, then mobile competitions can be established whereby consumers purchase a good, and SMS a unique code to a designated short-code number for their chance to win. With this, not only are sales likely to increase, but the product takes on a much more personal feel for customers as they see the producers making an attempt to appeal to their interests personally.


It is possible to see then, that not only can mobile marketing be tailored to specific target audiences, but it can do so at a much lower cost and risk to producers whilst, at the same time, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.


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