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Computer Networking Services

by nitconnect

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Computer Networking Services, a Cost Minimising Practice for IT Companies


The computer networking services are the spine of almost all entities that are working on a platform provided through Information technology equipments. This web of twisted and coaxial wires can be found anywhere around hospitals, airport, school, colleges, universities, IT companies, departmental stores, gas stations and even in the shopping malls. The initial traces of this miraculous technology were traced back in year 1950, when they were first used in the military radars as SAGE systems. Thereafter, world has evidenced a rapid progress in these and now these services are enjoying an unshaken preference and indispensible usage and development growth.


Overview of Computer Networking Services:

In general, this networking system is termed as, “a collection of some information technology hardware equipments and computers that are interconnected through a communication channel allowing its user to share information and resources. These communication channels could be wired, wireless or exotic and the system through which these are networked is sometime profiled as work of an electrical or telecommunication or computer engineer.



Advantages of the technology: The technology have plethora of advantages for both users and manufacturers.


  1. Reduce the need of peripherals: It is much reasonable to have one time investment on networking equipments rather than buying new information sharing resources (printer, fax, scanner or burners) consistently.

  2. A boost to communication capabilities: As its sole purpose is to share resource and information over distant locations, hence these services can be widely use for VoIP purposes and simultaneously it can cut the costs of hefty telephone lines and can pull down the broadband bills substantially.

  3. Security and firewalls: These services provide unbeatable security techniques and enable security big brothers to check who is watching what.

  4. Software licensing: using the services one can actually cut the prices that he has to pay otherwise on product and software registrations. Nowadays many companies offer product licence for networked computers as well that have lesser registration fees in comparison to single product.

  5. Administration: these network services come with a privilege of allowing centralized controlling of all peripherals. As they share a common platform for their request, so it is much easier to keep them distracted from being wayward.


One can find more about the requirement for taking maximum advantage of these computer-networking servicesat


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