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Discussing Masturbation with a Partner – Sex Confessions

by anonymous

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Let’s face it: guys engage rather frequently in masturbation, and every woman knows it. Yet despite the fact that this is a prevalent activity among the male sex, it’s not something that is easily discussed with a female partner. Some men, however, do get this obvious fact off their chests and many find doing so has rewards. While open confessions about masturbation are not necessarily directly connected to physical penis health, sharing this information can often improve a man’s emotional health and create a closer bond between him and a partner.

Does everyone do it?

It’s often said that “every” man masturbates, and this is largely true. While there is no reliable study that has shown that 100% of men masturbate (whether that means regularly or once in their lives), most studies do demonstrate that it is a common activity among men.

For example, a 2002 study of college students found that 98% of the male respondents reported that they had indeed masturbated at some time. (By contrast, only 44% of female respondents admitted to masturbating.) While 98% is not “all,” it’s close enough to demonstrate a tendency for self-pleasuring in the male population.

Why bring it up?

So men masturbate. Why should a guy necessarily bring it up with a partner? There are several reasons:

- It can be pre-emptive. Many men have a fear of being “caught” masturbating. By acknowledging that he masturbates and discussing how often, in what circumstances, etc., a man can help to decrease the chances of being caught with his trousers down – or, at the very last, make that occurrence less embarrassing than it might be otherwise.

- It can be educational. Many women don’t understand why men masturbate or why they may masturbate as often as some men do. Talking about it can help a man educate his partner so that she knows:

- Masturbating is a great reliever of stress for a man.

- Sometimes an erection is so insistent that it simply demands to be handled.

- Frequent ejaculation, through masturbation or partner sex, is thought to be healthy. It keeps the tool in good working order and is linked to a decreased chance of prostate issues.

- Fondling oneself helps a guy learn how his equipment works so he can use that knowledge when in bed with another person to be a more skillful lover.

- It can lead to new sexual experiences. Talking about masturbation can open the pathway to discussing the sexual dreams and desires of both partners.

- It can help bond two people. Sharing something secret demonstrates that a person trusts another person, deepening the bond between them.

Bring it up appropriately.

It helps to figure out the best time to bring up the subject, and this is something that depends very much on the man’s comfort level and the partner’s personality. For example, some women might find themselves engaged if a man remarks after a bout of glorious sex, “That puts my daily masturbating to shame” and then leads into a discussion of this pastime. Others might find that insensitive to the sex the two have just shared. A guy should definitely give thought to the best way to broach the subject.

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