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Quality of Pearl Jewelry for Woman Personality

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Pearls are the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Every woman loves them because they are so versatile. Pearls can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and the outfit. Due to the face that there are so many different types, shapes, sizes, and colors of pearls, they are one of the most loved gems in the world. The different types of pearls include freshwater pearls, which are the most common type of pearl because they can be mass-produced. The reason for this , is many pearls can be grown per oyster. Another type of pearl that is popular for its perfectly round shape, is the Akoya saltwater pearls. This pearl is nucleated in a way that insures every pearl to be seamless in shape.

A round glass or ceramic bead is placed in the pearl so that when the nacre grows over this irritant, the pearl comes out flawless. Tahitian pearls are the second highest quality of pearl and are well known for the various shades of colors they come in. Though they are considered black, these pearls come in colors like gray, silver, turquoise, peacock, and even rose tones. South Sea pearls are the best quality of pearl because of their unique colors of gold and silver but also because like the Tahitian pearl, there can only be one pearl produced per oyster.

Like pearls, the personality each woman has is different. This is the wonderful aspect of pearls, because there are such vast varieties of pearls, every woman is bound to find the pearl jewelry that fits her personality and brings out her true beauty. At Aloha Pearls, we can help bring any woman’s inner self out, and give her the pearl she has been dreaming of. For a large variety of pearls and the easiest way to shop for pearls, shop at

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