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Paint the town Brunette

by harleypaul786

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It’s 7.30pm and Stefan has just gotten home from a long day at the office. Work was a nightmare as it has become these days, with the recession and all, and Stefan is now beginning to wonder why he never chose a career as a painter or shop keeper or something a little less stressful. Sure, working as a banker in the finance district has its perks, big money, designer suits, penthouse apartments, and nice dinners out and bar tabs at the local. What it doesn’t bring with it is time to relax, or even date. As of this evening Stefan has realized that he hasn’t been on a date with an attractive, good looking, intelligent woman in a long time. He would really like a little company of the female kind. He remembers that his friend had once dated this girl who was not only gorgeous and fun to be with, but incredibly available. She was an escort, and was probably the most beautiful woman Stefan had ever met. If only she was a brunette! Stefan has had a thing for brunettes ever since he can remember, and after a little thinking it over has decided that it’s now or never. Typing ‘brunette escorts in London’ into the search engine throws up so many girls that Stefan can’t believe they are all in London and all waiting to hear from him!


London escort services are notorious for being very competitive with each other (and lets face it, which businesses aren’t competitive when it comes to market share!) and go out of their way to have as many girls on their books as possible. However, quantity doesn’t mean that they lack quality. With so many dark haired beauties in this town Stefan then had to decide if he wanted his date for the night to specialize in anything in particular. There were brunettes’ escorts in London that are skilled at Brazilian massage, and brunette London escorts that were trained strippers. There were more still that just enjoyed a great time no matter who they were with. There are so many options available to you, and when you find someone that you think is the right fit for you, you will know that you are in for a great ride indeed.


It’s now 8.30pm and Stefan has just walked into his favorite’s restaurant. Sasha is sitting with a red rose in her long dark hair and looks better than her pictures suggest. Stefan knows that tonight is going to be a great night after all.

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