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Why use solar energy products?

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These are desperate times for all global citizens. There is the specter of an energy crisis on the one hand and an environmental doom on the other. The global stock of petroleum sources of energy is in its last throes while the carbon footprint threatens to bring all technological and other developments to naught. Among viable answers to this double jeopardy are renewable sources of energy such as geothermal, solar, wind energy and the like. Of these, current levels of technology indicate that solar energy has the maximum potential to replace non-renewable sources in the quickest time. Banking on solar energy products is therefore the only sane and economically viable option.

Depending on solar energy products will reduce as much as 100% of the electrical costs with certain proviso of course. With the constant rise in utility prices it is solar energy that will provide complete security. These products are applicable for both residential and commercial exploitation. The technology is proven and the solar panels have a backing of a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years. There are several state incentives as well as federal incentives for solar energy products. These incentives can effectively save one of as much as 80% of the system cost. Further, a solar installation for the residence or the commercial/engineering installation adds value to it. The system is paid for in a few years and there is no increase in property taxes. The use of solar energy products indicates that one cares for the environment. A solar system does not harm either the environment or the living beings on the planet. There is no pollution caused when it is in operation.

A solar installation is based on photovoltaic cells. Briefly, these cells convert the sunlight that falls on them to a DC form of electricity. This electricity is stored in a bank of batteries. The output from these batteries is converted to AC and this energy is then tapped for use either in parallel or by interconnection with the utility grid. The facility of net metering can help homeowners convert any surplus solar energy to a credit system for later use. There are renewable energy partners in Arizona that can set up a solar installation for both residential and commercial use.

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