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As the name suggests, artist stretcher bars are actually used by artists for giving their canvases a better support. These bars are mainly responsible for holding the canvas in position as they progress with their work and also for presenting their art in front of the audience. The demand for stretcher bars has further increased with the rise in museum and galleries all over the world. As the competition rises in the business of stretcher bars, the customer gets more flexible options in terms of their quality and price. The bars are arranged to form stretcher frames of the required shape and size and are used by artist to tightly mount their canvas. Such frames can support all forms of art, starting from oil painting to embroidery and needle work. The artists can also use it for keeping the artwork safe for longer periods. Staples are used to attach canvases to theses frames.

More Information on Stretching Bars:

Fitting of the artist stretcher bars may sound very simple, but in reality, a skilled hand is required. Basically, four stretcher bars are placed adjacent to each other to form the frame of the required shape and size. The bars are not fixed permanently so that the artists can use them later for a different artwork. The bars are generally made up of high quality wood so that their artwork is not spoiled. Another reason for not permanently fixing the corner of the canvas stretcher frames is that the wood used to make the framing stretcher might expand or contract due to exposure to moisture.

Stretcher Bars: Now Available Online:

Pine or Fir is mainly used to make artist stretcher bars. They are very light so that the artwork does not become too heavy. Customized bars are also available to meet your specific requirements. You can get them according to your preferred color, edges and quality. With the advent of Internet, it has now become very easy to order stretcher bars online as many reputed retail outlets maintain their own websites. Stretcher frames can be arranged in different sizes according to the requirement of an artist.

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