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Choose a Cobalt Ring Over Others

by anonymous

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With the world economics taking a hit and the prices of gold rising sky high, jewelery manufacturers are looking for alternative metals to make a better wedding band which is more affordable. Cobalt is such a metal that ring makers from across the world are preferring. This is a very strong metal that is as sterling and beautiful as white gold and is very cost effective.

People who prefer to wear a white ring to a gold ring had choices of silver, platinum and white gold. But now they can choose a cobalt ring as well. In fact a cobalt ring in a much wiser choice to make.

Silver is available in sterling while but it gets tarnished very easily. If you pick a silver ring for your wedding band then you will also have to get a supply of tarnish removal for life. Silver gets oxidized very easily and quickly which makes it a hard to maintain metal. A wedding band is something that you will be wearing all the time and it will also be exposed to water and sun regularly. Cleaning your wedding band every few days will become a very tedious task when you consider doing it for your entire life. A cobalt ring on the other hand is also available in sterling white color, and it is completely scratch and tarnish resistant. So, if you want to buy a ring that is as pretty as good old silver and very easy to maintain, choose a cobalt wedding ring.

White gold is another choice for you if you are looking for a white metal for your wedding band. The problem with white gold is that it is nothing but a thin white plating on yellow gold. As the years pass by, the white plating will gradually wear off and leave a yellowish band on your finger, which will look nothing like your wedding ring. cobalt ring on the other hand is purely white and will never loose its luster or color.

The third and most expensive choice of white wedding rings is platinum. Surely you could choose a platinum ring if you are ready to spend an absurd amount of money. It is too expensive for everyone to afford, and doesn't bring anything new in terms of looks. A cobalt ring is far more affordable and will look as beautiful as a platinum ring.

Apart from being much fairly priced, easily maintainable and great to look at, a cobalt ring is also much more stronger than the other ring metals. This ring is durable and will last a lifetime just like your relationship.

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