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How To Enhance The Amount Of Semen During Ejaculation?

by paytonpolking

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Ejaculation refers to ejection of semen, and it happens due to sexual stimulation and orgasm. These may come due to an intercourse, a penetrative sex, or an outer course. Usually, an ejaculation follows arousal, erection, and orgasm. The volume of semen ejected should be around 0.1 to 5 ml, and when it is less it is a cause for concern. Less amount of semen may also contain fewer amounts of sperms, and it may further complicate the matter in terms of fathering a child.

The ejaculating semen traverses a long path from epididymis through testicles to seminal vesicles during ejaculation. The contractions of orgasm not being intense, the volume may diminish, and in that case one has to take amino acids to increase the semen volume. Usually, first spurt takes place during second contraction, and the number of spurt ranges between 5 and 10. The first and second spurts are likely to be the biggest, and may contain around 40% of the total semen volume ejaculated. The correlation between total volume of semen ejaculated and total number of spurts signifies that the volume of semen does not depend on number of spurts, but on the number of pulses of semen. The volume of ejaculated semen also depends on the time passed since the prior ejaculation. The condition of low volume of semen is referred as hypospermia.

The medicines available in the store or for online purchases contain synthetic or artificial substances that are largely ineffective, and those using them may suffer from serious side effects. Hence, one can safely use Spermac capsule and Vital M-40 capsules to increase the volume of semen ejaculated. These capsules have no side effects as they are herbal preparation containing natural herbs as their ingredients. These capsules have such herbs as Ashwagandha, Kesar, and Shilajit to name just a few as their constituents that contain high medicinal properties. They act on the root cause of the problem, and cure the disorder once for all. They enhance general immunity of the body, blood circulation in the entire body including the male genitals, and strengthen muscles of the body including the pelvic muscles. They enhance secretions from various glands leading to enhanced production of testosterone which in turn increase semen production.

Hence, both the capsules, Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules are highly effective in curing the disorder of low volume of semen in ejaculation. These capsules should be used for three to four months to get the best results.

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