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Cable Coatings is highly in use and effective to Stop Fire

by firesecurity

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Fire Security Systems Cable Coating is also one of the most cost effective and maintenance-free ways to protect cables from fire. It is completely dependable because there are no electrical or mechanical activating devices to fail, no human error to be concerned about, no tanks to refill and no periodic maintenance. Cable Coating from Fire Security Systems have been tested and approved by FM Global and IEC 60331-21. This coating is ablative Fireproofing material developed to provide complete Fire Protection to grouped & bundled cables. Application of such coating helps in preventing flame propagation during fire outbreak. Cable Coating application on cables can be done through conventional methods such as spray or brush.


After application of coating, wires and circuits are protected through ablation instead of insulation where energy is released in huge amount to change material condition. Fire outbreak can be caused via physical and chemical reactions process which consumes large amount of energy, cable coating helps to keep the cables cool at the same time and even during huge energy omission. Cable Coating also helps in keeping oxygen at bay from the surface during ablation process when any kind of gas or vapor comes out. Any flammable materials get diluted thus prevents them from spreading reaction. Also several organic materials get decomposed & remain being solid in structure of inorganic materials. What more can you ask for? Considering higher risk of fire damages, such cable coatings can become blessing to prevent heavy losses.


Cable Coatings have many benefits that make industries to use them extensively. They last as long as cables work so you can consider as one time application lasts lifetime. It does not affect any change in cable structure or design, cable stay as they were without decaying. All cable coatings are water and weather resistant. Fire Security Systems Cable Coating can withstand and FIRE RATE Cables for up to 90 minutes at at DFT of 1mm, the thinnest on the market today. The coating is quite dense and thermally conductive at normal temperatures, also thermal conductivity of way to reliable than PVC. Such fire stopping mechanism enhances cable limits and also the surface area too increases through relative roughness so it helps cable temperature to remain as it is.


Fire Security Systems Cable Coatings does provide one of the higher protection time frames to protect electrical cables from a fire. The deterioration of insulation will depend on the intensity of the flame, type and size of cables, type of insulation and other variables. In order to get the maximum time lapse protection from fire exposure, a heavier coating can be applied to those areas.


Fire Security Systems cable coating provides reliable, maintenance free, low cost Fire Protection that few systems can match.

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