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Effective and Simple Back Pain Treatments

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Nearly all of us at some point have suffered severely from lingering low back pain. In fact, studies indicate that 80% of all of us will experience some type of lower back pain during our lifetime. Despite how chiropractors and doctors follow guidelines in providing back pain treatments for their patients, many of them are referred for surgery or prescribed powerful painkillers as the only solution.


Scans, injections and surgery for back pain have risen dramatically in the last few years. Even so, many people treat their pain using NSAIDs - non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, Tylenol, or other anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medication. In addition they incorporate this with exercise and heating pads. However, the misery of suffering from low back pain usually drives individuals to more severe remedies in an effort to find the relief they require.


Back Pain Treatments

In all the studies that have happened and back pain treatments, there are significant things that work. These tend to include:


Limit Bed Rest

Staying active tends to help individuals that suffer from low back pain more than lots of bed rest. Patients that take three days or longer for bed rest tend to have high levels of back pain when compared to those that remain more active.


Maintain a Good Posture

Maintaining a quality posture is an ideal solution for minimizing back pain. More than likely the individual that suffers from the pain has had poor posture for years. This puts undue and unnecessary strain on the lower and upper back and the neck area. Studies indicate that pressure on the back can be relieved by as much as 50% by avoiding bending over to brush teeth, pick up shoes, or other objects.


Exercise Routinely

Exercising on a routine basis has shown to be a simple way to minimize back pain. For one, it gets individuals out of their sitting posture, and into an upright standing neutral position.


Seek out a Specialist

A specialist can help develop an individualized exercise plan and an effective strategy for managing the persons chronic back pain.


While there is no magic pill that has the ability to correct every low back pain issue in everyone, the above tips can help minimize suffering, and avoid many of the harsh back pain treatments available for patients. By improving flexibility and stretching on a daily basis, the patient can easily minimize the pain and suffering they feel, caused by problems in their lower back.

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