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Indiasudar Paid fees for 21 Manipur Students

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India Sudar adopted(Admission Fees, Tuition Fees, Book & Note Book) 21 semi orphan/girl/poor drop out students to continue there education in year 2009. Now we paid Rs.1,13,489 towards this student education for academic year 2011.

Thanks for your continue support to educate these dropout students. Refer attached student detail.


Dear Friends,

As you know well, Last year we adopted 22 dropout students and put it in private school(there is no government school in this place) to continue there education. Currently this kids studying in four different schools and we needs to pay Rs.1,32,024 for admission fees, tution fees, note/books and uniform to complete this year. We decided to pay this amount in four phases, till JUN10 we paid Rs.62,914 and remaining Rs.69,110 will be paid in next three months. Already 9 India Sudar members adopted 10 students education, if you’re interested to adopt any of this student’s education, Please let me know.


Students Information as follows:


WC  NAME SEX | Father & Mother’s  |  Age  | Class | Village School Name

4.51 Thonglenpao M late T. Chinpu and Chongngaikim 10 4 Lamka DonBosco High School

4.52 Paolalsang F 8 1 L. Gamnom Emmanuel English Academy

4.53 Leihao F Kumar and Manileima 12 5 L. Gamnom Emmanuel English Academy

4.54 Tinneikim F (L) Manglun and Lamkhochin 4 A L. Gamnom Emmanuel English Academy

4.55 Lhingneinem F 6 B Emmanuel English Academy

4.56 Neinem F Ramprakash and Lhingkhohoi 6 1 L. Gamnom Emmanuel English Academy

4.57 Letlungmon F 6 B Emmanuel English Academy

4.58 Jouzam F Khaihen and Helhing 5 A Emmanuel English Academy

4.59 Nengjalhing F Mose and Kimboi 9 3 L. Gamnom Emmanuel English Academy

4.60 Zangkhohao M Paolun and Nemneilam 8 1 Mongkom Greenwood Academy

4.61 Veichinthem F Paotinthang and Lamvei 8 1 Siden Greenwood Academy

4.62 Lumkhogin M Nehkhojang and Dimlhing 5 1 P. Kamdou Veng Greenwood Academy

4.63 Nemhoilam F Late Thongkholun and Ngaikim 15 8 Vengnom Greenwood Academy

4.64 Lhingneineng F Paotinthang and Lamvei 11 5 Siden Greenwood Academy

4.65 Seilenzon M Thangtinsei and Hatkim 7 2 Mongkom Greenwood Academy

4.66 Nengneihat F Thangmang and Nengjahoi 6 3 L. Gamnom Greenwood Academy

4.67 Tingneimoi F Thangsei and (L) Nengkhochong 5 B L. Gamnom Greenwood Academy

4.68 Nemnunnomhat F B Greenwood Academy

4.69 Janggousem M Manglal and Lhaikhochin 12 B L. Molhoi Greenwood Academy

4.70 Hoineilam M 6 B Greenwood Academy

4.71 Nemthenkim F Nehkhomang and Chingneilhin 6 B Phiran St.Stephens English school

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