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How to Evaluate Roofing Costs

by herbkoguchi

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Michigan, a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes region of the U.S., has a generally continental climate. However, if you live in the southern and central areas of the state, you'll experience a warmer climate with hot summers and cold winters. Its northern region has a more severe climate with warm but shorter summers and longer but extremely cold winters. Thunderstorms can also occur in the entire state at an average of 30 days annually and about 17 tornadoes appear in a year.

Consequently, such weather conditions call for durable roofing materials to withstand these varied climate situations. On the other hand roof installation is neither simple nor cheap, and is often unavoidable. However, there are ways to assess the reasonable costs of roofing projects from reliable Michigan roofing contractors. All you need is a little patience and attention to detail.

Remember that not all roofing materials are created equal; they tend to vary in cost and quality. Request for written estimates and get an itemized list of all the products the contractors will be using, including the kind of nails they'll install. Try to look for name brands, sizes, weights, and other specific items that you can use to compare estimates. Other components such as roof decking materials and insulation can considerably alter the total cost of the estimate.

Don't be shy to ask questions like why one estimate includes materials different from those quoted by other contractors. Inquire about manufacturer's warranties on the products because those with longer warranties will usually have longer service lifespans. Never be content with lump sum estimates on various items; insist that they always provide a breakdown of the costs.

With regard to the cost of labor, do not be satisfied when roofers in Michigan simply indicate that they can do the job in a number of days. Ask whether they work on 8-hour days or more and if they will be using subcontractors. These can substantially increase their labor cost estimates and affect the quality of workmanship as well.

Finally, ask if the job includes clean up and disposal of work litter. You don't want to have an attractive roof but dirty surroundings. After scrutinizing and comparing all the items in the submitted estimates, you can surely come-up with an informed decision on the roofer to choose. This website may provide further help:

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