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Creative Ways to Reuse Polypropylene Strapping

by thelmabowman

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Polypropylene is a form of plastic polymer that's sturdy enough to be used in a lot of residential and industrial applications, be it hardy plastic containers or tough polypropylene strapping. Despite having a lot of advantages, like enduring a whopping 320 degrees Fahrenheit, it still suffers from being a non-biodegradable material. To ensure that your strapping isn't being a threat to the environment, listed below are some tips on reusing the material:

As Fasteners

Strapping can be reused as fasteners; it's just a matter of modifying the securing technique. Do this by making a slit in one end so that the other end can be inserted into it. Wrap the strapping around the object to be fastened, pull the end to the slit, tighten it, and tie a knot at the end that you pulled through. You can do this if you have a lot of clutter that you need to tidy up and store away.

As Woven Materials

If you're feeling particularly creative, you can use polypropylene or plastic strapping to weave attractive placemats for the dinner table, or even make potholders or hot pads to place in your kitchen. Polypropylene's high heat insulation value is excellent for these purposes, and if you have strapping of different colors, you can create colorful works of woven art from it.

Weaving old strapping doesn't have to stop at heat insulators, though. Since polypropylene is sturdy enough, why not weave a nice handbag or basket while you're at it? This will really be a big help for your grocery shopping, or when you have to buy heavy equipment and have nothing sturdy to carry it with.

As Key Tags

Cut your polypropylene or quality plastic strapping into four-inch pieces that can be used as key tags. This material can be easily written on with permanent markers. This function isn't limited to keys, since there are many things around you that might need tags—your golf clubs, for instance, or maybe some items in that garage sale you're planning to hold.

Remember that you don't have to throw away your old polypropylene strapping if you want to help the environment. Learn more about recycling it instead from

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