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ColdFusion Applications with Microsoft SharePoint

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While ColdFusion is recognized as a much preferred programming platform, the recent trend is that of integrating it with Microsoft SharePoint. Why? Because SharePoint bespoke development helps create most personalized web products which greatly enhance the efficiency of operations in an enterprise. The latest version of the former platform, that is ColdFusion 9, will feature this integration. However, before going into the details of how this integration can be executed or the possible benefits of the process, let us understand few basics about SharePoint.

SharePoint bespoke development

Basically a content management system at its best, SharePoint is an application that helps in accessing data stored in the MSSQL database. The integrated search services facilitated by it help in adding team collaboration context to the management of the data files, generated by the Microsoft Office Suite. When it comes to SharePoint, the site hierarchy and the permission- based roles become important. The key permission levels allow users to read, contribute, design as well as take full control of the SharePoint sites along with data after a certain stage.

With regards to the integration, the most important requirement is to understand the precise needs of the users. ColdFusion 9 incorporates the integration feature to solve most of the problems of a majority of users and not to satisfy only a handful of them.

Single-Sign-On Support
The demand for a single-sign-on (SSO) support is the most common of all requirements. This support would allow the ColdFusion applications working under SharePoint increase the level of the platform’s authenticity as well as security by means of removing the necessity of logins and authentication of the ColdFusion applications. Now, with ColdFusion 9, the task becomes easier as a result of an inclusion of the SharePoint integration files in ColdFusion. The installation and configuration of these files paves the way for the platform to invoke applications offering SSO support.

ColdFusion Applications
The concept of the platform applications running the Microsoft SharePoint platform might appear to be a little confusing. Web Parts and ASP.Net server controls are used to build the applications. The Web Parts can actually be pre- written in the controls provided by Microsoft, 3rd party controls as well as the individual controls. With ColdFusion 9 applications and the SSO support, necessary grounds for the perfect integration are ready.

Web Parts
Users might simply want to access data in the platform and may not be looking for running application as a Web Part. There are many who use the platform with the intention of deriving benefits out of user lists, views and groups, use the platform search option or work with the stored images and document workspaces. All these activities can be done with the help of exposed web services. However, a new tag is made available for maximum control as well as higher level of performance.

The Cfsharepoint Tag
The cfsharepoint tag is a powerful one, enabling manipulation of SharePoint by virtue of its several attributes. It facilitates around 50 actions. The tag can actually make the platform do anything. All that one needs to do is pass the credentials in a structured manner or supply the values individually in the form of domain, password and username values. The credentials must be stored in the Application.cfcfile.

An integration of ColdFusion with Microsoft SharePoint encompasses SSO, platform applications, Web Parts, SharePoint services along with the cfsharepoint tag. With these, the requirements of the users are catered in an effective manner while the incorporation of ColdFusion as an important part of an enterprise is also realized. The integration increases the power and productivity of the platform to great heights. Thus, seen from all respects, the merging of the two popular and prominent web application development platforms is of immense use for the experienced developers as well as that for the enterprises.

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