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Manmade and Natural defects

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Is your project all about building construction? Or does your next piece of work require a particular type of wood that’s not available at Home Depot near your home? For a perfect start a detailed plan is necessary. Take the help of a building contractor if you are planning to complete the project all alone or if it is your first one. Either ways buying lumber means that a visit to Galveston lumber yard is inevitable. To save time and effort and possibly money it is recommended that you take an experienced person along with you. For run of the mill projects a local home center might suffice, but if your work is demanding then you need to visit a Galveston lumber yard, a specialty hardwood lumber supplier to fulfill your needs. A visit to a lumber yard especially with a friend who is shopping for lumber will be a learning experience for you.

Look for the following defects and familiarize yourself. The defects can be broadly classified as natural and human made. The natural defects are usually caused by fungus, termites, unhealthy tree from which the log was made, knots both loose and tight, pitch that causes accumulation of gum beneath the surface of wood and so on.

Man made defects is caused while sawing or by machines that cause overheating of wood. Such defects are termed as bow, crook, cup, twist, and wane, shake, split, machine burn and check. Small defects can be ignored as you will not get a hundred percent perfect galveston lumber yard.

For instance, to detect a bow, look directly down the axis of the stock and the board should be relatively straight. There can be a single curving called a bow down the length of the stock but settling for multiple bows is to be absolutely avoided. In the case of twist which is actually a warp that can be detected while looking down the length of the stock, is structurally of no use. Another type of warping called cupping occurs due to the nature of wood and can be reduced by a surface planer. Milling plays a role in enhancing cupping. Some defects such as crooks can be bypassed by cutting the stock into smaller pieces. Another defect called crack is caused by stress during drying. This occurs towards the ends of the stock and may develop into larger cracks. By cutting the cracks off the remainder of the stock can be effectively used.

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