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365 days Unconditional Return

by johnfloyed

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Suits are one of the most difficult items to put together. It takes a really seasoned tailor to sew a quality suit. Several fittings usually accompany the ordering of a suit prior to its finalization. This is because they are extremely personalized, and it is very rare when a suit will fit two different men. A tailored suit is the sign of a man’s high standards for clothing, meaning he will not settle for anything less than perfect. To the very discriminating eye, a custom suit that is exquisitely made will show in the littlest details. One who can tell will know if you have a garden variety suit bought from off the rack, or if you have been to one the fine tailors in town.

Hence when you hear of a suit maker that offers a 365 day no questions asked return if you are not satisfied, it is highly unusual. The folks at offer this, and it is the only commercial site (at least for now), to offer an unrestricted return within one whole year. The return is unconditional, meaning, for any cause of displeasure (fabrication quality, fabric, etc), you can always return the suit. Once they receive it, they will refund you the total amount paid. Just follow these steps that are required by

1. The suit must be returned inside 365 days. After the period of 365 days lapses, will not accept any product returns.

2. A refund will be made after they receive your returned package. To steer clear of any kind of misunderstandings such as package lost, for example; recommends that you send the package back with a tracking code. If the package gets lost and if you cannot provide a tracking code, then they will not give you your money back.

3. must be informed of the return before shipping your package. They will then furnish you with the return address.

4. The shipping cost for return is shouldered by the client, and not

5. Returned garments must be in good condition and not be damaged.

6. does not accept cancellation during the manufacturing. One can ask for a refund if the quality is not appropriate, but cannot call off the order without trying the suit first.

7. If the package is not delivered to a customer after more than a few failed delivery attempts and a number of telephone calls from; then the package may be returned to China or be destroyed. In this case no refund will be applicable.

One can only surmise that such an unbelievable offer to be able to return a suit after a whole year could only mean one thing. This tailor of suits must be extremely skilled to be able to make such an offer to their clients. If a tailoring company were anything less than excellent, then they would have a huge problem on their hands with a 365 day unconditional return. Surely, must craft exquisitely made suits to be confident enough to offer this fantastic return policy.

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