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How to Use Youtube to Leverage Your Business

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The more businesses get acquainted with social media, the more they realize the importance of visual content. Audiences engage more with pictures and videos than they would with a plain text post, so companies are learning to incorporate them frequently into their social media strategy.

Since it’s inception, YouTube has been a video powerhouse where users can post their videos and have the hope they go viral. Although creating a video may seem like a huge time investment, the potential ROI is overwhelming and if you create that one video that fans end up raving about and sharing amongst friends, you’ve hit the gold mine.

Here are a few ways to use Youtube in your business strategy in order to attract more customers.

-Create an Advertisement: Other forms of online advertising may seem simpler but don’t always result in the click through rates you desired. Since Youtube videos provide visual content in an interesting way, it has been proven to lead to higher click through rates. By posting a video that is an advertisement for your company, product, or service, you can provide that visual ad without the costly expense that is associated with television advertisement. However, an advertisement needs to be well produced and not thrown together haphazardly because it will ultimately reflect the image of your brand.

- Product Demo: Youtube is infamous for being a how to reference. Let’s face it, many of us have troubles following written instructions, especially if they are extremely vague. Instead of having to rely upon comprehending complex written instructions, people are turning to Youtube videos that visually demonstrate how to assemble or use something properly. Assist your customers in getting the most out of your product by providing these instructional videos which will improve customer satisfaction and develop stronger relationship ties.

-Sales Tool: Along the same lines as advertising, Youtube can also be used as a sales tool. Whether it supplements your sales team by inserting it into emails to potential clients or to reach a broader market, the visual aspect can increase interest from prospects. Make sure to include a call to action at the end, or even throughout as a subheader, to encourage viewers to contact you for further information. A Youtube video may be the edge to closing the deal and well worth the time put into it.

-Personalize Your Brand: Too often do customers associate your brand with the logo and not really the people behind it. By putting a face to the name, you can build the relationship and personalize the experience with your brand. Post a Youtube video of a work outing, tour of the office, or introducing employees in order to allow customers to get acquainted with the people behind the brand. This will help improve upon current customers as well as assist your sales team when trying to acquire more.

-Interviews: Show the world that you are an expert in the field or participate in discussions related to your industry by posting interviews on Youtube. Whether it is your CEO, an internal employee, or another expert in the field, share your knowledge and expertise to help develop clout and recognition amongst peers and the community. However, be mindful to keep them short or offer them in installments because the human attention span is relatively short and an interview may lose its impact if it drags on.


Using Youtube to leverage your business is a great and relatively inexpensive way to visually appease your market. However, sometimes it is important to obtain higher quality video services since the content you post ultimately reflects upon your brand. The National Association of Distinguished Professionals offers members access to video production services to help you represent your product/service/company in the best way possible. A impressively produced video will increase your customer base and lure in those who might be otherwise on the fence.

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