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Your Implant Dentist in Leesburg

by alvisdsouza774

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Of all the things you can do as a Leesburg local, getting dental implants probably wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. But the truth is, statistics show that one in two people in the US are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, and anyone who needs to replace a tooth is a candidate for a visit to the implant dentist.

When the root of your previously existing tooth is replaced by an artificial titanium root, that’s called a dental implant. Titanium inserts screwed into the bone fool the bone into fusing with the titanium, which is a bio-inert material, building a high-tech foundation for teeth. Basically, it’s like getting brand new teeth that are about a bazillion times stronger than dentures, and are very long-lasting, and much better for your health. Implant dentists in Leesburg can makes these tough replacements for you.

Dental implants aren’t cheap, you’ll need to look into your insurance and see what you can work out, but such a procedure is absolutely worth it if you can get it. Your implant dentist in Leesburg can tell you that millions of Americans in the “missing teeth club” are overwhelmingly in this club because of preventable tooth decay and gum disease. The US Surgeon General reports that the average person who is 50 or older is missing, on the average, more than 11 teeth. It’s actually a bit of a silent epidemic, the dental health of our older citizens. Most of them don’t know how much better implants are than dentures. It’s time for a dental implant revolution.

The implant dentist in Leesburg can give you a new smile in one afternoon, and from that experience alone you’ll have many reasons to be appreciative:

* You’ll have a full set of pearly white sparkly teeth

* There will not be a single cavity

* Gum disease or infection or discomfort from dentures will be forever banished from your life.

* Every tube of denture adhesive in your house can go in the trash.

* Your new teeth will be easy to maintain, they will act just like real teeth.

* The implant dentist will give you your new teeth in one day.

* You will experience a fast recovery.

* The days of chewy and crunchy foods will return, and it’ll be a no brainer to eat these things all the time after you get your dental implants.

* Your new teeth will be high-quality and long lasting, good for decades.

* Fear of kissing and intimacy will be eradicated with your new awesome teeth.

* You’ll taste food better and have no bone loss.

* Overall, your quality of life and your confidence will both go up.

Dental implants are the tooth replacements of the future. Perhaps it’s time to think about a visit to the implant dentist in Leesburg.

If you’re tired of dentures or crowns, if you want to turn that frown upside down and do something good for yourself and your health, go see your local implant dentist in Leesburg. Find out more today at Cascades Center For Dental Health.

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