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Enjoy bird’s eye view on helicopter tours around NYC while o

by MatthewDay

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New York helicopter tours are very affordable for tourists or natives who want a bird’s eye view of the City and several famed attractions.  Taking a helicopter ride around NYC allows you to travel along the Hudson River and get a better view of the Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade CenterMemorial and various other sites. Helicopter tours in NYC are a great way to see attractions and take interesting photos for a family vacation album.
With their Rolls-Royce engines, the 407 Bell (which some tour companies use) offers a very smooth ride. These choppers are also large enough for up to seven passengers! Bell 407 helicopters are reliable and used today by police forces across the nation, by news staffs, the FBI, for military reconnaissance, by hospitals, and for many private companies. 
Do pilots who fly for helicopter tours have necessary training?                  
All pilots who fly New York helicopter tours taking passengers for a helicopter ride around NYCmust be FAA-certified. This means they have a license and have flown more than 50,000 hours. Pilots also must take safety courses annually to keep their license in good standing. In addition, those who take a helicopter ride in NYC don’t have to worry about their safety while aboard a Bell 407; the aircraft is equipped with a Collision warning system and several other safety features.
What is a collision warning system? This alerts a pilot when part of the helicopter is out of a pilot’s line of sight and may be in danger of colliding with another aircraft. Because these aircraft have the proper safety measures, passengers taking a helicopter ride around NYC should feel safe and secure. 
Should you tip the pilot on your helicopter ride NYC?
Do you tip your pilot? And if you do, how much should you give? This depends. If you feel a New   York helicopter tour was enriched by a pilot’s commentary, you can give a 10 to 15 percent tip. However, tipping is not required on many New York helicopter tours. 
Tipping simply lets a pilot of a helicopter ride around NYC know how much you enjoyed the helicopter tours of NYC, which a company provides.