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Metropolitan Kitchens: A Combo Of Modernity and Tradition

by kalpeshkumar

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Metropolitan Kitchens are the best bet if you want to combine modernity with tradition. It will give you the best of both worlds. However, be sure to speak to your kitchen planner and ensure that you will be getting a skilled hand to create this beautiful kitchen for you.

The specialty of this kitchen is its crafted interiors which include front drawers arranged in a serpentine manner. The handles look as if they have been scooped out from within the drawers and need careful craftsmanship to get them right. Solid hinges in teak wood lend the kitchen a traditional look plus the sturdiness that you require. Stainless steel bar handles coupled with the ornate ones make it an amazing mix of classic and contemporary look at the same time.

It is best to opt for a wood finish for your Metropolitan kitchen. A pale maple looks wonderful and the typical old world style is achieved when you couple it with panels of birch. The polished panels take on the sheen of a glossy marble and can make your kitchen a charming place indeed.

Of course, you can opt to get the cupboards hand painted in bright hues in keeping with the interiors. However, stark white or black and stainless steel provides a dramatic look making your kitchen an ideal place to entertain your guests too. Chocolate truffle is yet another color in style when it comes to metropolitan kitchens. This is a combination of rich brown and cream with a set of cabinets, a kitchen table and counter tops all depicting the theme ideally. The European style cabinets make it both functional as well as traditional while the handles and knobs are made with pure stainless steel.

Another pleasing fact about this particular kitchen design is that it can be incorporated anywhere, however, small area you may have. Planning an open kitchen in metropolitan design is particularly fascinating too as it will help you to change to modern fittings wherever required while retaining the old world charm.

You will also benefit greatly by choosing from a range of Kelly Hoppen Kitchens. These are minimalist and modern and are perfect for small apartments and city residences where space is a problem. The luxurious panelling as well as the glossy finish of the kitchen will give you a great place to entertain your friends and cook at the same time. You can also hold a party for a limited number of guests in the kitchen where everything you need will be within easy reach.

Understated and elegant, a Kelly Hoppen kitchen is bound to provide you with the ultimate luxury that will make it easy for you to churn out gourmet meals.

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