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Unlocking the benefits of organic baby clothes

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The arrival of a newborn is one of the most awaited and special moment of your life. As parents you want the best for your kid and look for products that you feel would keep your child comfortable and safe. It is said that kids need cozy, soft and non restricting clothes which could make them feel free and relaxed. Other important criteria that should be taken in care while looking for suitable clothing should be a chemical free fabric. Yes, majority of kid dresses available in the market are manufactured using chemically laced materials. Babies have a very delicate body with a weak immunity. By using such clothes you are actually exposing them to harmful toxins. A suitable choice in this regard is the organic clothes.

The fabric mystery

Fabrics like nylon, Rayon etc come with their own set of hazards. Nylon and polyester are derived from petroleum based products that are actually synthetically manufactured. Rayon on the other hand is derived from wood pulp processed through sulphuric acid. Some clothing fabrics are also found to be susceptible towards Cancer.

So you can see that the non organic ones could have a dangerous impact on the health of young children. Therefore it is advisable to carefully select the clothes for your kids and such artificially manufactured ones should be removed from their wardrobe. Baby cotton clothes manufactured organically is considered the best one in this regard.

What is Organic?

There are various fibers available such as hemp, organic cotton, alpaca, wool and tencel that are manufactured without using any synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. An environment friendly farming is adopted which makes them a suitable choice for infant clothing options. During the production of such items there is no use of any toxins like dyes, bleaches and formaldehyde solutions. Yes the same laboratory preserving fluid is used in making processing fabrics such that they retain their fresh look.

For Example when you use organic cotton blankets rather than the usual chemically manufactured one, you can be completely sure that your baby is secure inside.

Why Organic?

Organic apparels and related baby sleep accessories are considered the best even by research scientists. It is so because these materials are chemical free and therefore does not possess any chance to expose the child to an unsafe environment. Additionally the use of such products promotes the go green initiative.

If you are planning to buy such items, you can find them both online as well as through the web. Purchasing them through the web based medium is a better option as it saves both your time and money. Additionally it saves you from the inconvenience of pushing around your little one across various shops.

Organically Hatched is a leading online portal offering organic items for babies such as organic cotton blanket, BPA free baby bottles, baby sleep accessories, clothes, baby care products etc.

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