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thankful that they will bring others to see the next tooth

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 He did not know the length of a job, tell K and H setback setback, he spent most of it with a reamer, often wore apical get pushed to the apex of the outer necrotic tissue, causing intense pain patients, but he would Eat anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with injections, of course, is not money inflammation disappeared, strange, since patients do not blame him, and said he good lab supplies

5, induced apical surgery: kids just changed the permanent teeth exposed pulp injury break, he would pull cord after filling with gutta percha, he does not know is not formed === apical not say there are a lot of his clinic opened 20 years, only recently started to do six or seven years and treat dental porcelain teeth, are doing before the cold snap ring swaged crown tooth powder self-doubt. But he extraction technology well, basically what can be painless teeth pulled down. He hit a bit of social identity of the person to seek treatment, a small fee, such as tooth extraction or treatment he will not make money, and big fees received special cheap, thankful that they will bring others to see the next tooth. Perhaps the low cultural quality of rural people, so he gave him a toothache you rule does not hurt to satisfaction, he was able to retain the tooth no matter how long, what consequences it! His missing teeth you give him fitted eat a meal, he would say you were better pleased, he did not know prosthesis poorly designed and not close together, he would abutment loose, caries. Prosthesis lost, broken, this up to a physician: your own teeth rotten, broken how can you blame me, you can flicker drill

 I think: No matter your skill at the grassroots how high, as long as you do not connections, you will not succeed. On the contrary, no matter how low your technology, as long as you learn how to pull people contacts, how do people, you will be successful, do you think it?dental curing light,

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