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How Women Discern About Abortion

by anonymous

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To be clear, pregnancy is a good thing, and so is abortion. Pregnancy is a salutation to life. While abortion, on the other hand, is a solution to a problem. That’s right! In case you don’t know what happens inside abortion clinics in Virginia, I’ll tell you what. It is an SOP that women should receive informative counseling that favorably discourages them to undergo abortion. This is a state-directed policy that requires medical professionals to make women understand the real purpose of abortion. Did that came as a shock to you? But that’s how it goes. 24 hours after the counseling is made, and no decision is changed, the procedure then pushes through.

Now, you have 24 hours to finalize your decision.

“Am I really having an abortion?” You catch yourself asking that question while having your me-time sailing at the Dismal Swamp Canal in Chesapeake, VA. Let’s say a good friend of yours devotedly allowed you to use her row boat for a day. She knows what you are going through. Now you have the whole day to shut off all the other factors that may affect your decision about inquiring about the services provided by some abortion clinics in your region. The last time you’d like to have today is confusion, distraction and all other sources that take away your focus. This time it’s just you, and the fetus struggling and breathing to survive.

Again, abortion is a solution to a problem. Actually, there are other options. One can either consider giving birth and keeping the baby or the possibility of adoption after giving birth. You have other choices aside from abortion. Nonetheless, if your situation is nonnegotiable because of some personal predicaments, then abortion is your only option. Women have a variety of reasons why they end up having abortion, and not all of them are that bad. They are just always misjudged. Majority of those who undergo abortion have financial and emotional problems. They cannot go on facing those problems with another person getting dragged – an innocent one at that.

Take a look at your situation. How about you? What problems are you facing right now? If you think you can’t raise a child on your own, if you think you can’t afford raising your child with the mediocre income you’re getting, you are not alone. If you think you are not ready to be a single mom or basically a mother, if you think you don’t want more children, you are not alone. If there is a problem with the fetus, if there are health complications because of the pregnancy, you are not alone. A lot of women think otherwise though. They seem to think they are facing their problems on their own. I hope you don’t think that way.
But you are not the same person as you were yesterday anymore. You now make better decisions, and saying yes to undergoing an abortion procedure is one of them. No matter how painful it is to give it up, probably it is the right decision for you at the moment. You still have a few hours left, but the good thing is that you are not changing your mind anymore.

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